Commercial Real Estate

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We provide nationwide service of aerial photography and cinematography for commercial real estate.

The location of your property can be anywhere and our team will shoot it and provide you with breathtaking images. If you have various locations, using one company to shoot will help maintain consistency of your brand. Our skilled drone pilots are FAA certified and also very experienced with using high end cameras. We also offer ground camera work to compliment aerial footage. When it comes to commercial real estate, we have you covered.

Thinking about investing in commercial real estate? This sector is a totally different animal than residential investments and comes with a distinct set of rules and strategies you will need to apply in order to be successful. Commercial property owners get to enjoy higher payoffs, open playing fields, reliable managers, beneficial economies of scale, and larger cash flow, so the design and construction needs to be as the client and customer needs, find out more of how to enhance the front of your commercial space to be inviting and useful.

Yet, how can you be sure that you’ll receive the same benefits as you start investing? Well, success in this area comes with a good education. Whether you’re an experienced investor who’s focused on residential real estate, or just a beginner trying his luck at owning a commercial property, here are seven things you’ll need to know about commercial real estate.